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  • Next Generation 50L Magigas fuel
  • Fuel characterized by incredible oxygenation and high specific weight, for those looking for maximum performance from its engine.

  • Designed for all competitions other than those regulated by the ACI-CSAI and FIM regulations
  • This fuel is composed of specific chemical substances capable of releasing nitrous oxide in combustion (better known as NOS), thanks to which, it is possible to develop a significant increase in torque and maximum power from your engine.
  • In addition, a stoichiometric drop in temperature of the air / petrol mixture of 20/30 degrees, with a cooling effect that improves the working conditions of the prepared engines, should be emphasized.


€520.80 Regular Price
€509.00Sale Price
VAT Included
Questo prodotto verrà spedito non appena risulterà di nuovo disponibile.
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